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I click "install" and it doesnt do anything. it just tries to download it for a second, and then it says "install" agian. never actually installs. help?

If you run the installer, and clicked install... I think you missed something... If you execute the installer it will say to you that where do you save your game, so i think that is your problem that the game isnt showing in the desktop or anywhere else because you put your game in the other directory file like local disks so I recommend when you install misadventure phantasy you must save it through desktop. Hope it helps you... reply if this doesnt work anything else

the installer itself for the game doesn't even install, nothing installs at all. I'm downloading it the desktop app

Not all games on work with the desktop app. Download the game from the website instead. That should work :)

thank you, as I cannot get a proper screenshot like the developer is asking me for. I will try that_

is it working ?

could you give me a screenshot ?

could you give me a screenshot ?

Update 2.0

- ARENA ZONE, you can fight bosses you've didn't encountered yet
so far
- Fixed the "Pogchamp Feather" Functionality
- Added New 12 Bosses in the ARENA
- 1 Secret Boss
- Added new Key Item
- Fixed some grammar errors
- Buffed Helm's Elemental Scratches
- Fixed "Ifrit" summon, He can now attack all enemies instead of
only one enemy...
- You can now access the "Void" which leads to the Final boss
- Added new skill "X-Fight" only for Pen,Wings,Xehtez, and Joseph,
you can obtain it in Level 40 !