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On a world where crystals existed has its own story. One soldier uncovers a secret truth about the crystals, and his journey will begin to find the truth of these crystals.

Misadventure Phantasy is a RPG Game that talks about the secrets of the crystals. One soldier embarks a journey to find the truth of the emperor's plan of these crystals. The soldier will meet some friends later on to help for his journey.

>Keyboard Controls<

Arrow keys - move player or the menu

Z - to interact or to select a situation

X - to cancel an operation

A - Move status menu left

S - Move status menu right

F5 - Full screen

Misadventure Phantasy was made with RPG Maker and all the soundtracks added on this game "IS NOT MINE" they belong to respective owners.

Install instructions


>To install Misadventure Phantasy, download the game first.

>When done downloading the game, simply extract the "RAR" file

> When done extracting, press the earth-like icon with its name "Misadventure Phantasy v. (any version) to start the installation process

> Choose your destination folder on where will be the game installed and get played

> When it's done open the "Game" application to start the game

> Enjoy !


>If the game doesn't run ( people are having problems with this ) try to install "RPG MAKER VX ACE" To make it run.


Download Misadventure Phantasy


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Update 2.0

- ARENA ZONE, you can fight bosses you've didn't encountered yet
so far
- Fixed the "Pogchamp Feather" Functionality
- Added New 12 Bosses in the ARENA
- 1 Secret Boss
- Added new Key Item
- Fixed some grammar errors
- Buffed Helm's Elemental Scratches
- Fixed "Ifrit" summon, He can now attack all enemies instead of
only one enemy...
- You can now access the "Void" which leads to the Final boss
- Added new skill "X-Fight" only for Pen,Wings,Xehtez, and Joseph,
you can obtain it in Level 40 !